take (sth) over

gain control of (a country, political party, etc) 控制, 管理(國家、 政黨等): The army is/are threatening to take over if civil unrest continues. 軍方聲稱如內亂不平息將實行軍管. * Has the party been taken over by extremists? 該黨是否已被極端分子控制? take sth over acquire or gain control of (a business company), esp by obtaining the support of a majority of its shareholders 接收, 接管(公司)(尤指依靠多數股東支持): The firm has been taken over by an American conglomerate. 該公司已被美國一企業集團接管. take (sth) `over (from sb) take control of or responsibility for sth, esp in place of sb else 接手; 接替; 接任: Peter will take over as managing director when Bill retires. 比爾退休時將由彼得接任總經理一職. * When she fell ill her daughter took over the business from her. 她患病期間生意曾由她女兒代管. * George is taking over the running of our American operation. 喬治準備接手經營我們的美國企業. * Would you like me to take over (the driving) for a while? 你願意讓我接替你(開)一會兒(車)嗎?


TAKE (STH) OVER 英漢對照列句